Diversity & Inclusion

Dunlop & Johnston, Inc. supports the mission of MBE, FBE, SBE, and EDGE firms through employment of a workforce that includes diverse cultures and life experiences to complete our wide range of construction projects.

As a leader in the community Dunlop and Johnston, Inc. has set itself apart from its peers by taking a lead in inclusion participation not only on the projects we are contracted with but with the community efforts as well. The following are activities that we have engaged with to the betterment of our industry and greater community:

    • Exceeding stated goals on public projects
    • Inclusion of MBE/SBE/EDGE/VE companies on all private projects
  • Participation on the Contractors Assistance Association board
  • Partnering with Service Disabled Veterans at a corporate level


Recent MBE & SDVOSB Teaming & Partnerships:

    • SDVOSB Mentor-Protege Program with RWJ Wiring, Inc.


    • Woodmere Service Center – $997,905
      – Project team with KBJ Construction


    • Department of Veteran Affairs – SCI Suites – $3.5 Million
      – RWJ Wiring, Inc. holds the contract, Dunlop & Johnston, Inc. working as a subcontractor supporting RWJ with Project Management


    • Lakewood High School – $3 Million
      – Project team with KBJ Construction


    • Department of Veteran Affairs – Enhanced Medical & Specialty
      Care Services – $743,300

      – Teamed with Veterans Contracting


    • Lorain, Grafton & Trumbull Correctional Institutions – $5.1 Million
      – Project team with RWJ Wiring, Inc.


Public and Private Participation
Dunlop and Johnston, Inc. has strived to include MBE, FBE, Edge, SBE, and Veteran Owned businesses whenever possible, regardless of contractual requirements. For every State, County, and City project with stated goals, we can take pride stating that we have exceeded both contracting and workforce goals.

Furthermore, we continue to partner with quality subcontractors as a matter of principal on projects without contract or workforce requirements. Over the last eight years we have sub contracted the following percentages to certified contractors:

2008 – Present Dunlop & Johnston, Inc. & Joint Ventures
Total of Project Contracts: $210,382,652.00


Certifed Contractor Type: Percent Participation: Total Contract Awards:
MBE 3.52% $7,412,237.27
FBE 12.23% $25,722,590.46
EDGE 10.44% $21,965,219.91
Veteran-Owned 0.68% $1,435,255.47
Small Business 13.58% $28,566,967.31


Contractors Assistance Association
As an active member of the Construction Employers Association it has been our privilege to participate on various committees that touch our industry. The Contractors Assistance Association is the one committee we value more than others. Currently Grant Raymond is the sitting Treasurer and active in all event planning. Through participation we are able to provide valuable opportunities to specialized contractors in need while also continuing to look reflectively at our own company and make sure we are doing our part in the community.

Partnering with Service Disabled Veterans
Since 2007 Dunlop and Johnston, Inc. has partnered with three separate service disabled veterans on various projects at three Veterans Affairs hospital locations. Through a combination of limited partnership and joint venture agreements, we have been able to mentor these individuals as they transitioned from their previous industry into the construction industry. With moderate success, two of the veterans have taken their businesses to a level where our assistance was no longer needed and became qualified competition on bid day. The third individual has decided to apply business skills acquired during the partnership and will change industries upon completion of the active projects.

Through the experience we have learned not only how to mentor a partner, but also transition them to a successful competitor. During these projects our team met all the project goals and still managed to go above and beyond with participation rates outlined on below.

2008 – Present SDVOSB Joint Ventures
Total of Project Contracts: $27,521,772.00


Certifed Contractor Type: Percent Participation: Total Contract Awards:
MBE 0.79% $206,225.30
FBE 10.13% $2,698,154.25
EDGE 6.43% $1,676,972.62
Veteran-Owned 0.87% $227,128.80
Small Business 15.76% $4,202,787.34