Our commitment to safety is our highest priority. Dunlop & Johnston, Inc. and all of its staff and field personnel pledge themselves to the following company model:

S.Q.S. P.Safety, Quality, Schedule, and Profitability. We do so always and only in that order.
This model has a proven track record, and by managing the first three items, the last item takes care of itself. By implementing a vigilant adherence to this business and safety model, we are able to consistently deliver on our promises to our clients; which is the only true way for all parties to enjoy a successful building process.

Safety in the office and field is paramount for Dunlop & Johnston, Inc. and we take the necessary steps to prevent accidents in the workplace and on our projects. We are continuously improving our safety program and conduct regular safety checks internally as well as employing a private consultant to ensure all of our employees and subcontractors are in compliance. Employees in every area of the company are given safety training regularly and are required to follow all safety procedures at all times.

In order to stay current with safety regulations, Dunlop & Johnston, Inc. requires all Superintendents and Project Managers to enroll in an annual OSHA 30 – hour Training course. We also provide CPR training to all employees every two years. As standard practice, our company requires that our superintendents conduct weekly safety meetings and submit a weekly jobsite safety checklist to keep on file for each and every construction project we manage.

Our firm understands that each project is unique when it comes to safety; in particular when working in active school buildings and other public spaces. We take into consideration site logistics, spacing, and also project phasing if required. We pride ourselves with successfully completing numerous projects in active school and campus settings; and have experience implementing these safety practices in major hospitals and active healthcare facilities.

Our high safety standards are reflected in our firm’s consistent Ohio BWC EMR ratings. We continue to capture BWC safety rebates for having an accident and injury rate far below that of the state and national averages. In addition, Dunlop & Johnston, Inc. has earned the Contractor’s Safety Award from the Construction Employer’s Association (CEA) every year since the program’s inception.

Employee accountability, commitment, and involvement help to assure a safe workplace in all aspects of our operations. Dunlop & Johnston, Inc. understands that the safety and health of our employees is vital to the growth of our company and we are proud to provide the education and training necessary to prevent accidents and injury.