Research Labs – FES APT

Project Info
  • Category: Healthcare
  • Owner : Department of Veteran Affairs, Wade Park
  • Location : Cleveland, OH
  • Architect : Makovich & Pusti Architects
  • Construction Type : General Contractor
  • Building Area : 7,325 SF
  • Completion Date : October 2008
  • Value : $2.1 Million
Project Details

The FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) and APT (Advance Platform Technology) Research lab space is used by VA doctors as well as by neurology residents of Case Western Reserve University. As such, this project required collaboration with the two end-users. Turning the existing laboratories into a new research department provided the project team an opportunity to work with many unique products. Two radio frequency enclosures were installed for research with patients that require the elimination of exterior radio wave interference. When the head of the department requested that one of the radio frequency enclosures be built with a radio wave eliminating curtain in lieu of a door, our project team was put to the test. By working with the Architect, investigating other departments and other hospitals, the team was able to come up with a fabric interwoven with copper wires.

More Project Details

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