Rosemore Middle School

Project Info
  • Category: K-12
  • Owner : Whitehall City Schools
  • Location : Whitehall, Ohio
  • Architect : Schorr Architects
  • Construction Type : General Contractor
  • Completion Date : December 2020
  • Value : $5.65 million
  • Building Area : 26,500 sq. ft.
Project Details

Our team was selected to build an addition which, upon completion will add a new wing to the existing Rosemore Middle School, including 11 additional classrooms plus a Makers Space and science labs. Students at Whitehall’s Rosemore Middle School should have a little more elbow room in 2021 when the school’s expansion is completed.

Rosemore Middle School is 91,000 square feet with 32 typical classrooms; the expansion will add 26,500 square feet of space with eight typical classrooms. The expansion will add on to a school that opened in January 2012. The rebuilt Rosemore Middle School was designed for 652 students, yet enrollment has grown since 2012; as of 2020, 743 students attend Rosemore. With the addition, Rosemore will be designed to accommodate 858 students.

Our top priority is making sure that not only our contractors go home safe, but most importantly, that students and faculty return home safely as well. We have erected temporary fencing around our construction and storage areas and marked them with appropriate signage. We have also made accommodations to keep emergency egress pathways accessible through our job site in the event of an emergency. We are giving the school 5-day notices for any utility/mechanical shut downs, large deliveries, and any activity that could impact normal operations. We are a guest in their home and work hard to accommodate the school’s needs.

While working in an active school environment, one major challenge is scheduling activities that do not interfere with student drop off and pick up. To alleviate additional traffic during these busy periods we require our trades to either start 15 minutes prior or 15 minutes after drop off and pick up times are. Material deliveries are also scheduled for mid- mornings, when school site activity is minimal. We have set up our job site office, storage, and dumpsters to allow the school access to their service yard to allow for uninterrupted school deliveries and trash pickup.

We’re proud to be part of this project , enhancing the community, and most importantly, helping to provide an opportunity for innovative learning spaces.

More Project Details

Click here to download the project brief.